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Proposed Obama Initiatives

  • Reduction of carbon emissions
     - Cap and trade program
     - Require 10% of electricity be derived from renewable sources (GBB, SRE)
     - $150 billion for R&D
     - Increase fuel mileage standards by 4% per year (GBB, Verdient)
     - 60 billion gallons of advanced biofuels by 2030 (GBB)

     - Develop zero-carbon coal generating facilities
     - Cautious on nuclear power generation

  • Electric transmission
     - Improvements in the grid and grid modernization ("Smart Grid")
     - Smart metering
     - Distributed storage (Verdient)

  • Energy trading and markets
     - Increase regulation of energy trading

  • Efficiency and conservation initiatives
     - Reduce electricity demand by 15% by 2020 (SRE, Verdient)
     - Improve building efficiency (SRE)
     - Review appliance efficiency standards (Verdient)

     - Incentives for utilities to support efficiency increases (SRE, Verdient)

  • Oil / Natural Gas Production
     - More offshore drilling (coupled with legislation on renewable energy production)
     - Domestically produce (oil or biofuels) or reduce demand equal to amount currently imported from Middle East and Venezuela (GBB)
     - Release supplies from Strategic Petroleum Reserve and replace with heavier crude
     - Windfall tax on profits of oil companies

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